Andrée Jetté
Andrée Jetté
Helping you improve your lifestyle


Andrée is

Dynamic, Intelligent,  Funny. 

Concrete tools for a more balanced lifestyle which allow you to shift to new
paradigms, relax and have more fun in life.


My Mission

For more than 30 years I have inspired so many people in over 20 countries and hope to continue to do so and create a beautiful space for you and reconnect with your true essence.

It is through humour and dynamic interactions that I like to shift you from your limited beliefs systems to unlimited thinking process and move you to new paradigms, self respect and great possibilities!

So, I welcome you to experience one of my talks, and be inspired by your own power of creation.

A fun time for everyone..

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My Impact

President of Vision 360, well known author, bilingual keynote speaker for over 30 years, Andrée Jetté inspired thousands of people with her funny, dynamic and intelligent style. Trained in the overall development of the human being, she is still pursuing studies in neurosciences and thus being on the cutting edge of information to share new knowledge constantly. Well-known to the public, she was invited in several radios and TV shows. She has also written for other keynote speakers and helped them quick start their career. She is the mentor of young keynote speakers. Andrée offers practical and concrete tools to improve our daily lives, and  have a more balanced lifestyle which allow us easily to shift to new paradigms.



yEARS teaching 

Andree has been teaching most of her life and has been dedicated to sharing her knowledge with as many people as possible  as her mission.



cOuntries taught in

Andree has mainly tought in Canada but has been invited all over the world to teach her dynamic conferences  to all types of companies & organizations.



People Taught

Andree has given hundreds of talks per year for over 30 years and her books & videos have been watched by millions.


October 2017

The speech of Andrée is so charismatic and powerful! The subtleness, the engagement, the content, the empath, etc. makes her one of the best speakers I have ever encountered in my life, two thumbs up!

Beson from / ACTE Hong Kong



Our Conferences

  1. Stress management with humour
  2. New vision, new attitudes
  3. Diffusing your emotions: mission possible!
  4. Creating positive energy in your daily life
  5. Balance between your personal and professional life
  6. The five types of personality
  7. Parents and teenagers: a new way to relate
  8. Make love, become wealthy and stay thin!
  9. Chaos or Carpe Diem: dealing with changes
  10. Diversity at work