Our Clients & Testimonials


Maria Mignaca

Son amour du public, sa passion pour les études, ses interventions à la fois humoristiques et éducatives font d’elle une conférencière chevronnée.


Julie Pelligrini

Thank you, for an amazing presentation you gave to our employees at our Support Staff Appreciation Luncheon here at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning on February 19, 2016 – many in our audience are still commenting on your great ability to energize and inspire! Your keynote presentation, “Adapting to Change and Resilience”, was timely and on target to help our employees deal better with the changes in our College. The practical tools shared will be easy to remember and apply!

Humber College



The speech of Andrée is so charismatic and powerful! The subtleness, the engagement, the content, the empathy, etc. makes her one of the best speakers I have ever encountered in my life, two thumbs up!